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Sashank recieves Kokes award to attend NAM25 along with four other group members

2017 NAM25 Kokes Award Winners
For his work on "Balancing the Site Requirements for Hydrodeoxygenation of Bio-oil over Mixed Molybdenum Oxy-carbide Phases", Sashank Kasiraju received the prestigious Richard J. Kokes Award from the North American Catalysis Society. This award supported his travel to the 25th North American Meeting in Denver, CO, where he and the other winners enjoyed exclusive access to and meetings with leading researchers in the field of catalysis. Sashank's project is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and aims to improve catalysts for the upgrade of biomass to fuels by learning from similar processes, i.e., hydrodesulfurization, for which large-scale industrial processes already exist. Read more about Sashank and the other two award winners from our department (Wendy Lang and Wei Qin) in the College of Engineering News.

Alongside Sashank, our group had a strong representation at NAM25 with additional oral presentations given by Dr. Shengguang Wang, Dr. Juan Manuel Arce Ramos, Yuying Song, and two posters by Hari Thirumalai.

Oral Presentation and Best Poster Award at the 2016 OChEGS Symposium

As one of three students presenting in the area of Catalysis and Reaction Engineering, Sashank Kasiraju gave an excellent talk on "The nature of the active site of MoO3 for biomass hydrotreating, and ways to improve it" at the 2016 Annual Symposium organized by our UH Chemical Engineering Graduate Students (OChEGS). This event is our annual showcase of the best ongoing research projects and it is attended by a wide variety of industry representatives.

Another highlight of the event is the poster session, in which Quan Do (2nd from left) was recognized with one of four poster awards. Quan's poster was titled "Theoretical and Experimental Exploration of Non-Oxidative Methane Upgrade using Metal Hydrides as Hydrogen Storage Materials".

Finally, high school student Cindy Mai, who visited our group during Summer 2016 as participant of the ACS Project SEED Program also presented a poster on her summer research project. Her work on "Exploring the power of single atom alloys for breaking the nitrogen triple bond" was also mentored by Quan Do.

We congratulate everyone who was recognized at this event and we are looking forward to next year!

Sashank receives AIChE CRE Travel Award to attend the 2015 Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City

Sashank Kasiraju has been selected as recipient of one of the AIChE CRE travel awards this year. The award includes a $400 check and a ticket to the CRE Division Dinner. Congratulations!
Sashank will present his PhD research at this year's AIChE conference in Salt Lake City in the session "Rational Catalyst Design II" on Thursday, Nov. 12, at 1:30 pm. The talk is titled "Towards Common Design Principles Between Hydrotreating Catalysts: A DFT Investigation of Furan Hydrodeoxygenation on Pure and Cobalt-Promoted MoO3(010) and RuO2(110)" and the abstract can be found here. More about his research goals and Sashank's path to chemical engineering is available in our college news section.

Strong presence and poster award at the 2015 OChEGS Symposium

Our group shows a strong presence at the 2015 Symposium by the Organization of Chemical Engineering Graduate Students (OChEGS) at the University of Houston with a total of 6 presentations and two notable honors. Byeongjin Baek was selected to give the opening presentation on "Experimental and theoretical insights into the hydrogen-efficient direct hydrodeoxygenation mechanism of phenol over Ru/TiO2(110)". Sashank Kasiraju received a Best Poster Award for his work towards answering the question "Is MoO3 a good hydrodeoxygenation catalyst?". Both projects are funded by a DOE Early Career Award.

Sashank Kasiraju wins Best Poster Award at the 2014 CAMD Summer School on Electronic Structure Theory and Materials Design

Sashank wins DTU Poster Award 1 adjusted
The 2014 CAMD Summer School on Electronic Structure Theory and Materials Design is co-sponsored by Psi-k & Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation. It is held every two years at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and attracts a large number of high quality speakers and participants. 3rd year graduate student Sashank Kasiraju presented his poster titled "Hydrodeoxygenation of furan vs. hydrodesulfurization of thiophene: A first principles investigation" and won one of three Best Poster Awards. The work is supported by a DOE Early Career Award. Congratulations Sashank!

UH Cullen College of Engineering News

Sashank Kasiraju joins the Group as new Ph.D. Student

Sashank Kasiraju is the newest member of the Computational Catalysis and Interface Chemistry group. His Ph.D. project is the identification of similarities between hydrotreating catalysts for the removal of sulfur and oxygen.