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JACS Communication on finite size effects on monolayer catalysts

JACS Finite Size Effects
Having been a PhD student in the group of Prof. Manos Mavrikakis at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Prof. Lars Grabow had an early exposure to monolayer catalysts, or near surface alloys. At the time theory was able to make exciting predictions regarding the catalytic properties of these hypothetical materials, but only a hand-full of experimentalists accepted the challenge to actually make such well-defined structures. One such pioneer was Dr. Radoslav Adzic at Brookhaven National Laboratory and his former postdoctoral researcher, now Associate Professor, Stanko Brankovic. Since then, numerous monolayer catalysts with exceptional activity have been discovered, and their properties can generally be captured as a combination of electronic (or ligand) effects and the epitaxial strain imposed by the host material on the overlayer metal. Years later, Stanko and Lars joined forces to yet discover another crucial aspect relating to monolayer catalysts. In practice, monolayer materials are not perfect. These imperfections lead to an additional strain along the perimeter of 2-D overlayer islands. This additional strain can have a significant effect and explains experimental observations that are in contrast to the established theory. For more details, please read our recently published communication in JACS or the UH College of Engineering news article.

Artwork selected for cover of Special Issue in ChemCatChem!

2017 ChemCatChem Cover
Our contribution to the special issue on "Catalysis for New Energy Technology" was selected for the journal cover of ChemCatChem. The work originated from a collaboration with Bill Epling's group and the cover shows the electron density change in methane during its activation over a palladium catalyst. Hieu Doan created the artwork with the help of Dr. Martin Huarte-Espinosa at the UH Center for Advanced Computing and Data Systems. More info about the cover artwork and the article itself is available in the cover profile.

2nd Place at Vizapalooza 2016

The UH Center for Advanced Computing & Data Systems (CACDS) held its 2nd Vizapalooza, a data visualization contest aimed to promote research synergy at UH. Our postdoc Hieu Doan entered with an image illustrating the electron density during methane activation and won the public vote for 2nd place! His award comes with an iPad Mini and sponsorship to attend the The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, SC16, in Salt Lake City, UT. Another postdoc from our group, Juan Manuel Arce Ramos, submitted a short movie showing propane activation on zirconia, but his contribution was unfortunately not selected for an award. Overall, it was a fun event and we're looking forward to competing next year again!

Congratulations, Dr. Doan!

We congratulate and celebrate with Hieu A. Doan, who is the first student to graduate from our group. Today, Hieu successfully defended his dissertation titled "Computational Screening of Bifunctional Catalysts for CO and CH4 Oxidation". A large portion of his Ph.D. work was based on productive collaborations with Profs. Bert Chandler and Chris Pursell at Trinity University, and Profs. Stanko Brankovic and Bill Epling at UH. We're very proud of Hieu and wish him the very best for his future career. Since Hieu also received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from UH there is only one thing left to say: Go Coogs!

Article on CO oxidation over gold catalysts receives Best Fundamental Paper Award from the AIChE South Texas Section

AIChE-STS Best Fundamental Paper Award
The South Texas Section (STS) of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) selected our paper "The critical role of water at the gold-titania interface in catalytic CO oxidation" for the Best Fundamental Paper Award 2014. Hieu Doan and Lars Grabow accepted the award on behalf of all co-authors, which include Johnny Saavedra, Chris Pursell and Bert Chandler, at the monthly AIChE-STS dinner meeting in Galveston, TX. More...

Novel CO electro-oxidation catalyst makes cover page of Surface Science

Hieu Doan's work on understanding the interplay of electronic and geometric effects governing the CO electro-oxidation activity of Pt-decorated Ru nanoclusters makes the cover of Surface Science. The work is a collaborative effort with the experimental group of Stanko Brankovic (ECE@UH) and is published in a special issue titled "Reactivity Concepts at Surfaces: Coupling Theory with Experiment". No need to say that we're extremely proud that our work was chosen to represent the synergy of coupled theoretical and experimental studies! Read more.

Hieu Doan wins 2015 Kokes Award to attend NAM24 in Pittsburgh, PA

Hieu has been selected as one of the 2015 Kokes Travel Award recipients to attend NAM24. The award covers the registration fee and all travel expenses. His poster is titled Mechanism of Water-assisted CO Oxidation over Au/TiO2 Catalysts and will be presented during the poster session on Monday, July 15, 5:30 - 8:00 pm in Ballroom A of the Lawrence Convention Center. Read the full story here.

Research group featured on the cover of the CACDS Digest, April 2015

CACDS Digest April 2015
Our group's research was featured on the cover of the April 2015 issue of the Center for Advanced Computing & Data Systems (CACDS) Digest. The article highlights our work on the role of water for CO oxidation over Au/TiO2 catalysts. Graduate student Hieu Doan developed a comprehensive model of the catalytically active site and reported a new mechanism, which has been experimentally verified by our collaborators Bert Chandler, Johnny Saveedra, and Chris Pursell at Trinity University.

Hieu to deliver a Hot Topic Talk at the 2015 GRC

Hieu Doan
Hieu's poster The Critical Role of Water in Catalytic CO oxidation over Au/TiO2 Catalysts was selected for an oral presentation at the 2015 GRC on Chemical Reactions at Surfaces in Ventura, CA. The talk will be given on Thursday, Feb. 12, in the session "Late-Breaking Topics in Surface Chemical Reactions".

UH Cullen College of Engineering News

Our results on the effect of water during CO oxidation on gold are published in Science!

Effect of water on CO Oxidation
Graduate student Hieu Doan developed a comprehensive computational model for Au/TiO2 catalysts, which suggest a novel mechanism for CO oxidation in the presence of water. The work is a collaboration with Profs. Bert Chandler and Chris Pursell at Trinity University San Antonio. Gregory Mullen and Buddie Mullins have published a Perspective on the article, and it has been featured on several news sites:

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