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Collaborative work with Rice University on nitrate reduction prominently featured in the news

Nitrate Summary Figure
Sashank Kasiraju's 2018 ACS Catalysis paper, a joint project with Prof. Michael Wong and Dr. Kimberley Heck at Rice University, and Prof. Jeffrey Miller at Purdue University, has received considerable news coverage. In our article we describe the mechanism for nitrate reduction over bimetallic palladium-indium nanoparticles in aqueous phase. The process is important for water purification and can help address the problem of fertilizer (nitrate) runoff from agricultural sources into fresh water supplies. A highlight of the study is the good agreement between theory and experiment, particularly with respect to the cyclic oxidation state changes of indium ensembles on the surface of palladium. Read the full article or browse through the news coverage:
Chemical Processing, The Chemical Engineer, Science Daily, Technology Networks, Wall Street Online (Germany)