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Lars Grabow receives NSF CAREER Award 2015

Lars Grabow
What do Lars Grabow and methane have in common? They are both very happy!  :-)  And Lars Grabow will be even happier, when he finally succeeds in making methane less happy, by selectively activating only its first C-H bond without overoxidizing it to CO2 and H2O. Read the full story in the UH Cullen College of Engineering News.

Hieu to deliver a Hot Topic Talk at the 2015 GRC

Hieu Doan
Hieu's poster The Critical Role of Water in Catalytic CO oxidation over Au/TiO2 Catalysts was selected for an oral presentation at the 2015 GRC on Chemical Reactions at Surfaces in Ventura, CA. The talk will be given on Thursday, Feb. 12, in the session "Late-Breaking Topics in Surface Chemical Reactions".

UH Cullen College of Engineering News