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Artwork selected for cover of Chemistry: A European Journal

Graduate student Arian Ghorbanpour, co-advised by Prof. J. Rimer, has contributed computational results that explain the sorption behavior of ultrastable zeolite GIS polymorphs. In particular, his work shows that GIS is not a good framework structure for carbon dioxide sorption; instead, it is an excellent framework structure to separate water from other small molecules. The full article was published in Chemistry: A European Journal and is featured on the journal cover. Congratulations Arian!

Congratulations, Dr. Ghorbanpour

The third Ph.D. graduate from our group this semester is Arian Ghorbanpour. Congratulations, Arian! Arian was co-advised with Prof. Jeff D. Rimer and his dissertation is titled "Computational Modeling and Advanced Synthesis Techniques for the
Improved Design of Zeolite Catalysts". In his Ph.D. work Arian focused on zeolite ZSM-5, which has many industrial applications, and his results may guide the rational design of better zeolite catalysts in the future.

New Publication in ACS Nano

ZSM-5@Silicalite-1 Core Shell
Congratulations to Arian for his first author paper in ACS Nano on the growth of ZSM-5@Silicalite-1 core-shell zeolites. Read the paper here.

Arian Ghorbanpour and Hieu Doan are the first Graduate Students to join the Group

The graduate students Arian Ghorbanpour and Hieu Doan are the first students to join Lars Grabow's computational catalysis group at the University of Houston. Arian is co-advised with Jeff Rimer and is working on the synthesis and simulation of ZSM-5 core-shell particles. Hieu uses density functional theory and microkinetic modeling to investigate bifunctional catalysts for CO oxidation and methane activation.